Fun Perks

Vistage Career Perks- Vistage International Careers

Vistage employees work hard—and are encouraged to play hard too. We offer several fun perks to keep them invigorated and engaged.

On-Site Gym — Vistage employees have 24/7 access to an on-site gym with all the basic equipment and amenities.

Ocean Views — Our offices have a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, which is just a few minutes’ drive away and the perfect spot for a quick stroll or picnic.

Car Wash Service — Car detailing services are available on-site every Friday for a discounted rate, so employees can return to a clean and vacuumed car after work.

Yoga — Classes are available during lunch hour on Mondays and Wednesdays at a discounted employee rate to melt away stress and refresh energy.

Toastmasters — A local chapter meets every Tuesday across the street, and interested employees’ memberships are sponsored.

Bookmarkers — Our fun book club meets monthly for snacks and great conversation. Books selections are provided at no charge via hard copy, Kindle, or even on audio CD.