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Your Ideal Job?
Lead a CEO Peer Advisory Group
with Vistage.

What if your "business" was actually helping other CEOs reach their greatest aspirations?

If you're seeking purposeful work and are ready to extend your success into the lives of others, consider the rewarding experience of starting a Vistage Chair practice.

Vistage Chairs are an elite group of highly respected practitioners of Vistage's established method of peer advisory group coaching. As one of 650 Chairs, you will help executives reach their full potential by providing actionable and experienced-based perspectives.

Start a Vistage Chair™ Practice


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"When you think about inspiring positive change in others—I personally don't think there's a much higher calling than that."

—Mark Winters
Dallas, Texas
Vistage Chair and founder/CEO of 7 companies

The Vistage Chair Profile:

Courageous, Passionate, Resilient

  • President, Chairman, CEO, COO, Managing Partner, Principal, Founder or Owner, or Senior Executive with $5M P&L responsibility
  • Strong leadership skills, self-confidence, and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Strong financial acumen
  • Manager of 8 or more employees
  • Well-established business leader in the community
  • Impeccable integrity and work ethic
  • Ability to listen, probe, challenge, clarify, and generate insights in individuals

When we ask Vistage Chairs why they love Chairing, four reasons come up again and again...

Aligning With Deeper Purpose. The lifestyle and mission of a Vistage Chair provide a deeper sense of meaning of life. It's not just about the money. It's about doing the right thing, having a profound impact on the local community, and improving the lives of many others.

Giving Back and Sharing. In your career as a CEO, business owner or senior executive, you amassed unique knowledge and experience. Now you have the opportunity to guide business leaders who can learn from your life's successes and failures. The appreciation and satisfaction you'll receive from your Vistage group members are rare and invaluable.

Gaining Prestige and Recognition From The Community—Leave a Local Legacy. You'll receive enormous gratitude from your members and from the Vistage community for guiding them through tough times and pushing them – and their businesses – to the next level.

Earning a Stable Income and High Return on Investment of Time. As an independent contractor, you choose the time commitment and income requirements that fit your personal needs from part time at up to $95K to full time at up to $350K per year.

Download the New Chair Brochure

Find out more about becoming a Vistage trusted advisor: ideal qualities we are seeking, roles a Chair takes on, current Chair testimonials, the income potential of this opportunity, and FAQs.

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