Accomplished Business Leaders:
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Executive Training and Development- Become a CEO Coach

Vistage CEO Coaches are Leaders
Among Leaders

Vistage’s executive development programs provide members with access to resources that help them evaluate opportunities, gain new perspectives and discover a renewed sense of direction — both personally and professionally. These include access to an online global community of 17,000-plus members, top-rated professional speakers, group meetings, and private one-to-one sessions with a dedicated Vistage Chair.

Members report that our leadership development initiatives help them grow, learn, and find new ways to apply their new found knowledge to their businesses.

Vistage Chairs play a major role in how the executive coaching program positively affects the lives and businesses of their members. Chairs are accomplished leaders who are totally committed to the success of group members. Both in group meetings and one-to-one sessions, they help to develop their members and give back the knowledge they have earned through their own outstanding careers as CEOs, executives, and business owners.

Executive training enables executives and business owners to learn how to affect positive change within their companies. It also provides them with the opportunity for effective and impactful leadership development.

“I just didn’t know how to go from an entrepreneurial business to a
professionally managed business. This company wouldn’t be here
today — I wouldn’t be there today — If I hadn’t had the Vistage experience.”
Joseph Ciotti – CEO, Ciotti Enterprises

“There’s no question that the tools the Vistage organization brought me not
only increased volume, but also profitability. What you find by going through
executive training with Vistage is that you’re more productive. Either you
become more efficient, or you’re stepping back and looking at the big picture
to see where you’re going.”
Jeffrey Hughart – President, Designed Equipment Corporation