It’s Time to Go Beyond Off-the-Shelf Executive Management Training Programs

Management Training Program - Vistage Inside Program

Vistage Inside Program

The Vistage Inside program offers a configurable talent development approach that fully engages your team, equips them with the skills and sensibilities to manage collaboratively and helps them achieve higher levels of performance. With its unique combination of elements, Vistage Inside can help you develop one of the most engaged management teams in the world.

Peer group sessions

 Vistage Inside will design an iterative, relevant and engaging executive development program that is firmly rooted in the time-tested Vistage peer advisory model.  These full-day sessions will align your team on issues and opportunities, empower them with a common language and shared goals, inspire collaboration, and break down functional silos.

Executive coaching

 As part of an ongoing executive team development program, your leaders will receive one-on-one coaching with your Vistage Chair.  This personal approach ensures that executive participants stay focused on results and allows for reinforcement of the experiences and lessons learned in group sessions and speaker workshops.  Participants will quickly recognize your commitment to them and their personal development.

Expert speakers

 Providing outside perspective is a critical component to the Vistage Inside program, as expert speakers will facilitate workshops to inspire new ideas, strategies and solutions.  Your team will leave energized and motivated to apply the tools and techniques they have learned into their daily habits, and this culture of learning will cascade deeper into your organization.

Vistage Chair

 Your Vistage Chair will be at the center of the Vistage Inside program, enabling conversation and collaboration rather than providing prescriptive answers.  Your team will develop deeper personal and professional commitment, find unprecedented alignment, work more efficiently and reach higher levels of performance  As the needs of your business change, so will your program focus – ensuring that Vistage Inside continues to provide maximum value to your organization.