Vistage Helps CEOs Become Better Leaders

Vistage helps CEOs become better leaders, make better decisions and achieve better results. In this video, Vistage member and CEO of Litron Laboratories, Carol Tometsko, achieves success in testing kits for cancer research through her Vistage member group. Keith Whittemore, Vistage member and President of Kvichak Marine Industries, shares success story of the BP Oil Spill clean up. Ken Sigman, Vistage member and CEO of Health and Benefit Systems, shares success with partnerships and becoming a great leader.

Keith Whittemore, President, Kvichak Marine Industries. “BP Oil Spill Clean up”

Ken Sigman, CEO, Health and Benefit Systems, “Success with Partnerships” “Becoming a great leader”

Carol Tometsko, CEO, Litron Laboratories, “Testing Kits” “Cancer Research”


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